We offer several types of buffalo hunts.

The first and most impressive is our trophy hunt. This is a hunt for a truly trophy bull in its native habitat. These bulls are not often found because of the problems with keeping them around. They make a very impressive mount and an exciting hunt. All our buffalo are hunted in a wild, open range setting on our ranch of 4000 acres. We can accommodate blackpowder, pistol, high-powered rifle and highly skilled archers. Due to the hardiness and danger of buffalo we only accept archers who have previously taken a grizzly, polar bear or cape buffalo.

Ken will personally back you up during the hunt, as big buffalo bulls can be very dangerous. We will also field dress the animal and transport the carcass to a local butcher at no added cost. Ken can cape your mount and ship the head and hide to a taxidermist for a nominal fee (see below). All the meat, head and hide are yours to enjoy!

No Kansas hunting license in needed. No season dates. You can hunt our buffalo year-round.

We also offer several other types of buffalo hunts and we can accommodate handicapped or youth hunters. Buck the antigun nuts and show a kid how to hunt!

Homestead Ranch Buffalo Hunting
Price List

We are now booking for the 2021-22 hunt season. Don’t delay!

  • Trophy Bull - 7+ yrs. Old - 1800+ lbs. - live
    Big, massive mount. Lots of burger.
    $5500 hunt
    Yields approx. 800-1000 lbs. of boneless packaged meat.
  • Monarch Bull - 2 ½-6 yrs. Old - 1350-1500 lbs. - live
    A very nice mount and still pretty good eating too.
    $4350 hunt
    Yields approx. 575-700 lbs. of boneless packaged meat.
    Pic 1 | Pic 2
  • Buckskinner Bull - 1 ½ yrs. Old - 900-1050 lbs. - live
    Totally awesome eating and a decent mount. These bulls are what most mounts are made from.
    $3250 hunt
    Yields approx. 350 - 400 lbs. of boneless packaged meat.

  • Indians Choice (young female) - 1 ½ yrs. Old - 750-850lbs. - live
    The Indians always killed the fat heifers (young females) when they had the choice. Why? The meat was the best and the hides were unbelievable!
    $3000 hunt
    Yields approx. 275 - 325 lbs. of boneless packaged meat.
  • Prime Cow - Age Varies - 900-1100 lbs. - live
    Very good eating with a beautiful soft robe.
    $2900 hunt
    Yields approx. 350 - 400 lbs. of boneless packaged meat.

General notes:
All weights and ages are carefully considered approximations. Trophy Bulls are very hard to come by and can be booked only as the bulls are located. Hunts are booked as bulls or cows are available. We can arrange for processing, taxidermy work and shipping. Prices are subject to change with availability and market fluctuations. Prime hide season is normally from the end of November thru January.

Other Buffalo Hunting Notes:
One day hunt
Caping $100
Halving or quartering the carcass – no charge
Professional tanning of hide and shipment to your door $700.
Care and transport head and/or cape to taxidermist (Grinnell, KS) ($100)
Meals and lodging not included in above price. Goodland, KS is 18 miles away.

2020 Wounded Warrior Hunt

December 17, 2019

Local Ranch to Donate Bison Hunt to Purple Heart Combat Veteran

Goodland, KS. - Beaver Creek Buffalo will host Purple Heart recipient LTC Tim Palmer and will treat him to an authentic, spot-and-stalk, prairie bison hunt. This 2nd Annual wounded warrior hunt will be provided free of charge for LTC Palmer courtesy of Beaver Creek Buffalo and the Denver-based American Heroes in Action Foundation. Those wishing to thank this brave warrior for his service are invited to share a Dutch-treat social and dinner with LTC Palmer and his sponsors on the evening of January 2nd at the Shiraz Restaurant located in Goodland, KS. The social will begin at 6:00 pm MT, and, those so inclined, can order dinner off the menu at 6:30 pm MT. Donations will be accepted to help defer the cost of the butcher and taxidermy expenses. Simple heartfelt expressions of gratitude for this man's service will be equally appreciated.

Tim Palmer, the recipient of the hunt, was seriously wounded on 21 October 2003 when he was then 1LT and assigned to the 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, in the 1st Brigade of the 10th Mountain Division. This was his first of two, 12-month combat tours in Iraq.

1LT Palmer and his platoon were on a dismounted patrol near the village of Iskandryiah, Iraq and became involved a fire fight at close distance in which the enemy came within 10 meters of his platoon. His platoon successfully neutralized one enemy fighter. The very next night, 1LT Palmer and his platoon were back out on the streets in search of enemy combatants known to be in the adjacent town of Haswash. During this patrol his platoon was ambushed by small arms fire and an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) hidden by Mercedes sedan. Three soldiers were injured, including 1LT Palmer, who was knocked unconscious by the explosion from the IED while standing three meters from the blast. After regaining consciousness, 1LT Palmer was unaware that he also suffered a significant throat injury. Despite being concussed and unknowingly profusely bleeding from his throat, Tim was issuing orders to secure a captured enemy individual, treat two injured soldiers, and destroy a vehicle that was used in the ambush. His Radio Telephone Operator (RTO) soon informed him that he was bleeding from the throat area. Given the amount of blood, his RTO was unable to tell how serious the wound was. 1LT Palmer quickly applied a field-dressing bandage to his own throat and continued to work the more serious casualties.

After his team had prepared the friendly casualties for movement, and neutralized the enemy involved in the ambush, his platoon returned to FOB Chosen. Once there, the Task Force Surgeon said the wound was very close to his jugular and windpipe, and his condition could very quickly become life threating. 1LT Palmer was then transported via helicopter to the Combat Hospital in Baghdad where the doctor told him that someone up above must be looking out for him. He said that if the wound were a half inch either way he would have surely died. The doctor told him that there were also tiny pieces of shrapnel in his legs and right knee that they should eventually work themselves out of his body.

After two days in the Combat Hospital, 1LT Palmer called FOB Chosen and asked the Support Platoon Leader to come get him because he could not sit there any longer knowing that his platoon was out on missions without him. He went AWOL from the hospital in the early hours of the following morning and arrived safely back to FOB Chosen. When his Battalion Commander saw him, he told him, that despite going AWOL from the hospital, he was glad he was back. The next morning, 1LT Palmer assembled his platoon and took them back to the spot of the attack to get the platoon (including himself) over the fear that comes with any combat engagement. His platoon faced many other close quarters fire fights and incredibly tense situations over the course of the deployment, including participating in the 1st attack for Fallujah. His platoon returned home safely at the end of the tour after serving their country proudly. Many of the soldiers in his platoon went on to serve with distinction in later assignments and deployments in support of the Global War on Terror.

Bison rancher Ken Klemm, says, "We're pleased to host this 2nd Annual wounded warrior hunt. It's a real joy and a privilege to be able to give back to our troops in a meaningful way. We understand how ethical hunting and time in nature can help heal the soul and we are so glad that we'll be able to provide this hunt for Tim."

Mr. Klemm has worked closely with his friend, Command Sergeant Major Dale Veneklasen (Retired), to organize this hunt. CSM Veneklasen served in the Calvary unit known as the Buffalo Soldiers in many deployments. The American Buffalo is central to their military culture and the hunt will provide a special significance. Mr. Veneklasen makes his home near Ft. Carson and now dedicates his time to helping wounded warriors integrate into society.

Also assisting with the hunt will be Brian Soliday, board member of the all-volunteer American Heroes in Action organization. His help is invaluable in providing additional funding and support to complete the experience for Tim.

Partners, Ken Klemm and Peter Thieriot (AKA The Buffalo Guys), are pleased to sponsor this annual tradition of thanks and remembrance for the men and women who serve us in harm's way and extend a warm invitation for all to come and meet this fine soldier on January 2nd.

2019 Wounded Warrior Hunt

Year-Round Lodging Available

  • Lodging available. $115/room per night, $300/night for entire facility (2 night minimum) includes four bedrooms and Tepee Room (common area). Sleeps 10 plus a “kids” loft.
  • Kitchen available in the Tepee Room - meals not included.
  • A first-class authentic log structure with a huge prairie view.

Primitive camping on the ranch is available for $30/night.

50% down at booking and balance due upon arrival. (updated July 2020)

(add 8.75% KS sales tax) an additional 5% lodging tax applies to all lodging sales

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